Agriya Introducing A One-stop Food Ordering Solution

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Agriya has of late innovated a myriad of web app solutions and has lately walked in with a precise and interactive Online Food delivery solution. This solution is the much needed respite for the budding entrepreneurs looking for clues to erect a successful food-delivering enterprise. Doubtlessly, food-delivering enterprises are much in demand as there is an increase in on-spot food demands. Starting with offices, meetings, client visits, parties and personal events, food-delivering apps cater to a whole lot of instant food-order requirements. 

The idea behind the inception of Food-Delivering apps was to create a channel between available restaurants and customers through a well-built application. While most of the restaurants serve their customers all day and night, a well-fledged app records their menus and offerings with available times and prices including delivery charges. The customer can choose an available restaurant, pick up any item from the restaurant’s food-catalogue in bulk or based on his choice and finally place the order. The final items are delivered through pick up personnel attached to the restaurants through the application.

The entire network is simple to create with the available Food-Delivery solution. Laden with some in-built, essential features, this solution will give you the much needed framework for an intuitive, intelligent & effective application.You can access Agriya’s Food Delivery Solution if you are keen on starting your own enterprise.

Here we pick up few of its dominant features which you might definitely find intriguing :

Optimum Navigation through a seamless, precise User Interface      

The User Interface provides seamless & optimum navigation and consequently a better interactive medium to the user. This is of paramount importance to every user as this gives a better picture of your application.It is the quality of interactivity offered by an application or website which determines its demand and popularity.

Multilingual translations for better interactivity

A wide scope for language translations are available for users worldwide so as to make it a customer-friendly experience. While different people have different language preferences, giving them an option is certainly a profitable as well as lucrative attribute.

An up-to-the-mark GPRS system for tracking delivery and location details

An adequate GPRS is non-dubiously an indispensable feature in most of the delivery apps these days. Same goes for the Food-Delivery App.The food-delivery app solution provided by Agriya gives way for a genuine and in-time GPRS system which allots required tracking details with time-frames and locations.

A perfect transactions portal

You can avail hassle-free & clear transactions by availing an up-to-date and secure payment portal offered by Agriya’s solution.

Valuable Restaurant Feedback & Review Mechanism

Give your customers the right to place their remarks and help your preceding customers to choose their preferred food-destination. A systematized review system is a must have for any reputed e-business.

Concluding Lines 

A good application is a boon for every online enterprise. But framing the appropriate one is equally essential. A ready-to-access solution is a respite for new entrepreneurs willing to give a form to their idea. 

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Launching Agriya’s New On-demand service booking solution

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On-demand service marketplaces are becoming familiar among people because of the easiness it brings into their lives.  A considerable amount of our population relies on these platforms to get professional on-demand services more efficiently. The business possibilities on-demand marketplace holds within are not negligible as well.  Foreseeing its future potential, Agriya launches an intrinsic service booking solution, which allows aspiring businesses to easily set up an on-demand services marketplace.

Kickstart your On-demand Business with our Feature-rich Software Solution

The future of on-demand services market requires constant innovations. Agriya’s on-demand service booking solution is an advanced software script, which encompasses many intriguing features that facilitate you to organize and streamline your business operations efficaciously.  It treats both service seekers and providers equally, it provides several features to ease their efforts.

User-friendly Interface Design - Users constitutes the most crucial aspect of a business.  To provide an impeccable user-experience is the key. To engage them and to let them take action is the prime intent. Agriya’s service booking solution guarantees an excellent user-experience through user-intuitive UI.

Flexible Authentication Methods - Easy sign in, sign up methods to easily joint the platform. Users, as well as the service providers, can sign in via social media or by usual Email.

Simplified Services Booking Process - Users can browse through the listed services, they can choose their required services by taking advantage of our well-organized categories or by advanced search options.

Diverse Languages to Choose from - Choose the language of your preference and use the platform in the same. 

Give Feedback on the Services - Rate the services, review the same to help businesses improve themselves. Besides, providing valuable feedback for the users to help them choose the best.

Errorless Money Transactions - Indulge in flawless cash transactions. Integrates secure Paypal payment gateway to ensure reliability.

List Services, Categorize them Appropriately - Service providers can add their expertise or services to get a much broader customer base. Give necessary details regarding the services and the list the services.

Try the demo,

Optimize your personal profile - Update more information like working hours, days, etc to help users get a clearer picture of your services.

Brief Insights about customer behaviors - Receive insights on customer behaviors, actions and response rates with the help of performance indicators. 

Featured Listing Options for Improved Visibility - Enhance your listing visibility by utilizing our sponsored listing options. Reach a vast range of customers within a limited time.

Dynamic Admin Dashboard - A powerful admin panel is integrated as part of this inclusive admin panel. It helps businesses to take control of every function that happens within the platform.

Default Email Templates - Includes pre-built Email templates to support the Email marketing campaigns. Moreover, it saves a considerable amount of time as well.

Real-time Notifications & Alerts - Send real-time notifications to notify users. Maintain an active communication through this.

Automatized Insights - Get information regarding how the customers behave, what action they make and how much they involve in the process via intelligent analytics.


On-demand services marketplace is a widely accepted concept and is expected to create more business opportunities in near future.  It makes it simple for users to satisfy their on-demand services needs in a short span of time. Agriya takes a leap of future on-demand services market by introducing their precision-made service booking platform. Employ this powerful on-demand services booking solution to step on your business.

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Introducing Agriya's newly released all-inclusive event booking solution

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Agriya's Event Booking Solution

Event managing is not plain-sailing without a preordained action-plan. It can be fruitful to have an event show flow to guide event-planners through successive actions, time-frames, content and so on. This calls for developing a versatile script with an all-inclusive frame to categorize, organize & schedule events. Such a tool prevents last-minute hassles while maintaining a smooth, co-ordinated environment.

Now Agriya has emerged with a precise & all-inclusive event booking solution to process events into more comprehensive steps/modules. Here is a brief outline of some of its key features:

An explicit Online Ticket Booking System

The script outlines a step-by-step online ticket booking system. The client can choose his seats with the help of an event map.The soft-tickets are then emailed to the concerned individual. The client can make his purchases through a safe and secure payment gateway.

Personalized Events Creation

Creating any kind of personalized event is possible by adding a new title to the event with date and time. Hall Maps may also be uploaded. Each event has a personalized setting and ticket type.

Personalized Tickets Generation

Tickets for events can be generated by adding a new name and description. The available number of tickets with last date can be displayed. The tickets selected are added to a cart which is followed by confirmation and order processing.The prices of tickets with mode of payment is made available.

Real-Time Tickets Booking Management

Tickets reservation can be tracked and edited when required. Email notifications are auto forwarded to the ticket-buyers.

Processing Transactions

Payments are permitted via Paypal, a reliable and secure gateway. All the transactions are recorded electronically and the invoices are transferred to the concerned individual. User can also select his preferred currency while making payments.

Multiple Language Preferences & Translation

The user is allowed to choose from a wide range of languages as our solution supports multiple languages. All one has to do is check the preferred language and there he can move ahead with his language through the entire event booking process.


Generating and managing user settings is highly flexible and convenient.Anyone can carry ahead with this solution and create/ manage settings based on requirement. The script allows full access to the admins.

Easy Installation

The solution is easy to install and the customer is furnished with necessary resource & information to carry ahead with the installation process. The buyer is emailed login details and codes along with requisite information.

Summing Up

The event Ticketing solution is indeed the need of the hour considering the fact that organizations thrive on simple solutions for time management and a versatile task processing. This out-of-the-box script is a proven way to minimize hassles while still showcasing the best of one’s organizing skills. If you are willing to accentuate your business, this updated and top-notch event management solution will certainly give you a ride. Don’t hesitate to take a stride into this innovative enterprise with this ready-to-use event-management solution.

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