Incur amazing benefits with Agriya's newly released Classified Ads solution

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As market sustenance gets challenging over the years, most businesses are taking recourse to intense advertising and promotional activities. Quite presumably, their prime motive is shifted from ‘just advertising’ to ‘advertising with optimum expenditure’. 

This calls for an optimum solution like the Classified Ads Solution for businesses. It adds to results while still being economical & budget-friendly.

Unleashing a few benign features of this new Ad Solution

Flexible Ad Generation & Management 

Users can generate any number of ads by entering the desired ‘Ad Title’ followed by a brief description & category. The ads shall be automatically listed under the ‘My ads’ section for reference and may be edited or deleted as and when desired. 

Flexible Subscription packages

You can design your own bundle of subscription packages and quote your charges for the same. Users may subscribe by simply selecting the category and the desired package.

One Stop Shop for Online Advertisers

The classified platform we offer is absolutely basic and grounded so that users won’t find difficulty navigating through your website. You can also provide useful links to share relevant information about your audience and reach to the users.

Fascinating Revenue Generation Model

You can earn a handsome commission by selling your ad space to users who are willing to post their ads. You can still make it bigger by tying up with major e-commerce websites. You might also apply as a publisher for generating revenues.

Regular and safe payment gateway

You can avail safe and easy online transactions through Zazpay & Paypal. You can provide your customers with a wide variety of payment options.

Prioritizing Ads

You can smoothly enlist your ads on a priority basis as ‘In Top’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Highlight’ or ‘Top Ads’.This shall help you to categorize your ads and makes viewing systematic and convenient.

Facilitating communication

Users can connect with you via messages & can inbox you as and when the need arises. This way you can revert to answering their queries and attending them whenever feasible. 

Catering to all segments

We have designed a highly generalized solution to cater to different segments like recruitment, matrimony, automobiles, real estate, education etc.

Summing up

With global classifieds segment adding to approximately 17% of global internet revenues, it is undoubtedly a rich segment with enormous revenue generation potential. If you are planning to make it your upcoming business venture, then grapple the ‘online classified ads solution’ and tread your exciting journey. It is indeed a proven, fastest and most rewarding route to your success.

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Presenting Agriya’s unique and versatile Taxi Booking Solution

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Taxi Booking Solution from Agriya

Taxi booking apps have recently started growing in popularity due to the overwhelming demand for taxis and cab related services. Even though the market looks cluttered with a lot of relatively new players, this segment is still hospitable to new entrants. However, since the taxi booking market is maturing rapidly, many existing and new entrant players are hoping they can capitalize on this segment’s ever-growing potential. 

Yet the market is devoid of any enticing apps that are efficient enough to handle different functionalities, we at Agriya have identified the implicit deficit and have focused our efforts in developing a complete solution for all the commuter woes. Introducing Agriya’s all-inclusive, fully compatible Taxi booking solution

A unique, one of a kind taxi booking solution

Since we dedicated enough time on R&D, we have integrated several tangible features which are highly essential for its efficient functions. Connectivity is a major issue which has been plaguing the taxi booking business and we have made sure the process of booking never gets hindered due to unwanted network issues. 

Precise pick-up points and drop locations

GPS enabled services has been integrated to ensure accuracy when the drivers locate the passengers for boarding. Accuracy is a matter of concern for passengers as well. The much-improved interface helps the passengers in pinpointing their exact drop location on the map. 

Driver-centric features to provide greater access

Drivers have greater control and access to features that govern the quality of the ride. The fare system has been revised and set according to the modern standards. Peak hour charges and late-night charges have been included to ensure the drivers are duly compensated for their efforts. If booked cabs are cancelled in the last few minutes, a certain amount will be deducted from your main balance. 

Streamlined booking process

An in-built fleet management system facilitates streamlined booking process. This is highly integral as the frequency of the booking process should not overweigh the demand for cabs. This feature is highly beneficial from the admin’s perspective as the fleet he owns can be systematically organized in a more refined approach.

Secured gateways for hassle-free transactions

Passengers can make use of the secured gateways to complete their transactions in a safe and reliable way. Secure payment gateways are absolutely vital for a hassle-free payment experience. Securing your customer’s valuable details are secure are integral to long-term success in this field.

Enhanced interface for a better experience

A vibrant layout and a highly interactive UI have been instilled to provide the ultimate user experience for the passenger. Booking cabs are easier as it takes lesser time to load and with a wide range of cabs to choose from, passenger’s work is cut short.

Flexible options for flawless operations

Passengers have better reach to the features as they have complete freedom to choose from a multitude of language options. Social media integration permits users to login through different accounts. An emergency contact number is provided so that passengers can contact this number during times of distress.

Final thoughts

Creating a faultless application is a risky move in today’s market due to the highly volatile nature of this industry. Market leaders have failed spectacularly after enjoying a taste of initial success, but if your concern is long-term sustenance then you must definitely check out Agriya’s Taxi Booking solution. With an option to customize as per your wishes, this unique Taxi booking solution is designed to boost your business to the next level. Kick-start your business by making use of our unique Taxi booking solution. 

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Agriya is set to debut it’s first ever online learning solution

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The ever-growing demands of the education industry have forced people and the students to pursue alternate learning methodologies. The evolution of e-learning portals has catapulted the growth of this particular sector. But still, the market is currently lacking any concrete platforms which will satisfy the learner’s objectives. We at Agriya identified the inherent gap which was restricting the knowledge flow from these platforms, hence after thorough research and market analysis, we are all set to launch our first ever complete, one-stop, highly-customizable online learning solution.  

An extensive e-learning solution

Agriya’s custom e-learning solution is integrated with essential features designed specifically to suit the present day industry demands. Rather than focusing only on the learner, we have incorporated specific integral features which will suit the priorities of both the instructor and the admin. Built specifically to streamline the learning process, our online solution is inbuilt with highly customizable features to match up with your target user’s learning objectives. Course lessons can be compressed and can be uploaded in bulk.  Lessons can be framed and organized with ease. Apart from this, the much acclaimed multi-currency model will help you in engaging in hassle-free transactions. 

Interactive teaching methodology to provide maximum benefits

The final end product of your learning methodology should reach the students who are your most important end users. In order to make this possible without any potential hitches, we have streamlined our learning methodologies to suit the varied needs of students. For a more expansive approach we have added three new modules: 

  1. Online learning- Learning directly from the tutors through live medium
  2. On-site training- Providing on-site training for practical knowledge
  3. Video lessons- Upload video lessons to offer a better perspective

Faculties have more liberty and can accommodate secondary faculties to bring a much diverse feel to the course outline. Another interesting aspect is that the revenue generated through these lessons can be shared between the faculties. Videos and PDFs can be included in your curriculum to incite interest in your students. 

Versatile assessments to evaluate your students

To validate the student’s understanding of the subject we have included a range of assessment tests, quizzes, and puzzles which will help the students in further sharpening their skills. One-on-one interactive sessions with students and teachers alike will help garner interesting insights into their learning techniques. Mini interactive quizzes will provide more interesting styles of learning. 

Utilizes business-centric approach to generate maximum revenue

In order to compete with the key business leaders in this segment, we had embedded a business-centric approach to function with greater emphasis on marketing and revenue generation. This will help prospective entrepreneurs gain a foothold in the current educational sector. A  centralized, consolidated report system has been imbibed to gather insights about the revenue generated and obtain the course highlights as well. User statistics can be gathered through detailed analytics, which will help you in understanding your target audience better. An all rounded revenue generation system has been assimilated to initiate revenue from a wide range of sources. Presently revenue can be sourced from organic, referral, affiliate and advertisement methods. 

Final thoughts

We at Agriya introduced this innovative online learning solution with a primary purpose of re-engineering e-learning methodologies to suit the present day education trends.  Expertly designed and crafted to perfection, we have the perfect solution for all your e-learning needs. Transversing educational needs with your business objectives, this is the most practical and ideal online e-learning solution ever made. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 

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