Releasing Agriya’s technically improved version of freelance scripts - Getlancer Bidding, Job & portfolio

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The trend towards gig economy is growing, so is the freelancing workforce. There is a significant increase in short-term jobs. Freelancing websites, the medium that connect freelancers with suitable employers are bringing in new changes focused on making the workflow more simpler and easier. Be it upgrading to a new technology or optimizing the business model with advanced features and functionalities, changes are imparted efficiently and conveniently. In concurrence, Agriya is upgrading its freelance marketplace scripts - Getlancer through latest applicable developments. 

What’s this update all about? 

Now, with this update, the script becomes more scalable. It’s achieved by paying greater attention to caching. Ultimately, right scaling and architecture will be in place to handle the increased load. Eventually, it encourages more concurrent users without any interruption. More towards improving the performance of script, careful tuning is done effectuating error-free code. 

The front-end will now be supported by powerful javascript framework, Angular JS. Whereas, the back-end by popular PHP micro-framework slim. Combining these two frameworks, the script turns securer and stable. 

To bring about heightened user interaction and experience, conversational interfaces and functional animations are enhanced on UX design part. Also, the interface is developed to be flexible transforming between an advanced and novice user. Necessary changes are done to effect better visibility status of the system. With that done, both freelancers and employers can be in action always. 

The REST technology

With slim framework being adopted, this application becomes RESTful. Here, a simple API is built with the slim framework. REST- Representational State Transfer Technology, through tighter security measures, makes the script turn securer. Simply, this makes the app even more flexible by handling the HTTP methodologies explicitly.  

The motive behind the upgrade

Enhancements done on the technical front helps the platform to turn user-friendly. Easier the usability, more hassle-free the workflow becomes. For an industry like freelancing, where usability is considered an indispensable and determining component for success, it’s paramount to drive complexity out. In concurrence, Agriya is offering exactly that for the mentioned three Getlancer products. 

Here's the demo,

Final words

The tweaks that are done, both technical and strategical wise can help entrepreneurs achieve a platform supporting large user engagement. Try this new install put together by entire file system upgrade and move ahead of the competition. 
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Agriya launches the Newest version of Getlancer Quote - Thumbtack Clone Script

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With the rise and development of technology, our lives have always changed, we keep upgrading and adapting to the environment we live. The ripples of economic growth have been felt in the freelance economy as well. We at Agriya identified certain aspects of Getlancer which seemed redundant to the modern times. So we decided to upgrade certain key aspects and release an all new version of Getlancer quote, a thumbtack clone script. So what’s new in the latest version of Getlancer quote. Let’s have a brief analysis.

Inclusion of Service quote filters

To make the life of service users much easier, we have added an exclusive filter option which will enable users to search for service providers based on relevance, user rating and the location. With this inclusion, users will be able to sort and search for specific services based on criteria.

Revenue model has been redesigned

Business functions can get halted if slow redundant revenue models are still practiced. Our revenue model has been redesigned to match the pace of the modern freelance market. We have added the new subscription model which will further enhance our business processes. 

Critical Key upgrades have been implemented

This new version of getlancer quote carries many critical upgrades. To encourage new service providers, a welcome plan has been created. This welcome plan will give a bonus credit to the new service providers. Apart from that, Paypal gateway has been introduced to streamline the payment process. 

Service provider location is integrated

In the previous version, there was a lack of clarity in service provider’s location. However, this issue has been rectified and an accurate search option has been included. This will help the users to search for particular service providers located within the vicinity. 

Sturdy and rigid framework has been integrated

The frameworks have gone through minor changes. The front end is supported by Angularjs and PHP. The backend is supported by a slim framework. This will enable the new version to run smoothly without any hurdles. To offer stability new technological upgrades such as REST have been incorporated. 

Final Words

This new version of Getlancer quote aims to improve the overall user experience which was lacking in previous versions. We hope this new version of Getlancer quote will help you in accelerating your business growth and maximize your long-term potential.  

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Insights to Create an Online Food Ordering Website like Just Eat & Swiggy

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Almost majority of businesses that revolves around food servicing are trying their innovative best to actuate entire operations through an online portal.
Often, people end up asking self-questions like, Should I utilize cutting-edge technology? Should I go for a seasoned development team, knowing it would cost more? Well, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t consider validating these questions. But there are few more aspects to zero in if you’re to develop a food ordering website.
The more you tweak, the more prolific your website will be.
Here, we explain and suggest some useful ideas that could really help you. It may or may not sound common, but mostly chances are there to miss out on these factors in the excitement of getting your business up and running.
1.Understanding the needs first:
It’s the primary step before developing a website for any purpose and it isn’t different here. The development should be well balanced between customer’s requirement and your business model. So, what are the requirements? It’s the collective fragments of customer preferences along with hassle-free and time-saving practices. Also, you have to look into the complexity and difficulty of the execution part so that you can decide what’s best to improve your return on investments.
2. Substantiate your ideas:
It’s the most crucial part and you must take it module by module. Each and every single module should be effected to perform a specific function, some of them directly linked while others need not. Then, you’ve to be absolutely spot on by adding purposeful features.
Here’s some list of basic and cardinal features that will do your website a world of good.
  • Restaurant search
  • Addon
  • Place order
  • Add Review
  • Guest order
  • Dashboard
  • Order status
  • Order Transaction
  • Settings
  • Restaurant Branch
  • Restaurant Photos
You can add new and innovative features based on your inclination and targeted user base. At end of the day, it should help you in creating a sublime workflow.
3. Preparation of database:
After you’re done with your testing iterations to give a clear indication of how well the website fits in with the process and customers, instant attention should be given to creating a larger database of restaurants in your target area. Make sure to gather all essential information about contact details, menu, modes and areas of delivery etc…It helps to develop a rapport with the restaurants if you’re in preparedness with these things. Ultimately, your website should be developed conducive to support an extensive database.
4. Build it with customization values:
Inevitably, business requirements change from time to time. Therefore, the best bet would be to make sure that your website holds high customization benefits for your business to withstand those changes. Mostly, the changes will be adding new modules, features, and functionalities, but, a situation may also arise which requires integration and deletion of certain attributes.
Keeping all these things in mind, Agriya has developed an online food ordering script, OFOS – a Just Eat and Food panda clone. This script helps to gauge this particular marketplace with beneficial features and functionalities. Discuss your requirements with our team, to get an online food ordering website developed at minimal cost for optimal benefits.
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